Leadership & Strategic Management


We manage and support your accounting and finance teams

Is your company in transition or in a phase of fast growth, and you need a part-time manager to strengthen your teams and reach your desired level of expertise?

We offer support for your finance and accounting teams so you can achieve your financial objectives on-deadline.

Business Planning

We build dynamic budgets, financial models, and cash flows

Do you need a clear vision of your finances, blending historical and forecasted data, and allowing you to assess your performance with relevant KPIs and dynamic reports?

We offer business planning and analysis expertise so you can improve your controls and refine your strategy.

IT & Finance Bridge

We support you during your ERP and accounting system implementation

Do you expect to implement a new accounting or ERP system in the near future? Or, maybe your current IT implementation isn’t moving fast enough.

We provide seamless support, filling the gaps between IT and finance, ensuring a smooth change management approach for a successful go-live.

Business Process Improvement

We analyze and optimize your management processes

Do you want to improve efficiency and enhance data quality, all while reducing costs and consistently meeting deadlines? 

We perform business process analysis and optimization aligned with your strategy and goals, minimizing costs, and maximizing efficiency as a result.

Accounting & Financial Reporting


We support you in management of your accounting and bookkeeping 

We prepare financial reporting in compliance with IFRS and Swiss CO

Do you want to focus on your core business tasks and free up internal resources? Do you need an accounting expert by your side?

We offer cutting-edge, comprehensive accounting services packages ranging from bookkeeping to the preparation of financial statements.

Management Dashboard

We develop intuitive and interactive management dashboards using data visualization tools

Do you need to analyze your performance through customized management dashboard? Or, would you like to aggregate forecasted and actual elements to your reports by harnessing the power of advanced analytics?

We can help you structure and retrieve your data with an intuitive management dashboard, empowering your organization by giving the right information to the right people, propelling your company to next level of performance.

Accounting Automation

We automate your accounting processes

Are you highly dependent on your manual processes and approvals? Are you hoping to gain better insight and control over the accounting operations, and allocate your human resources on value-added work?

We automate part of your accounting processes, which will increase your accuracy and efficiency, enhance your controls, and reduce your finance reporting turnaround times.


Internal Control System (ICS)

We design and implement evolving Internal Control Systems and risk matrix

Has your company moved from limited to ordinary audits? Is the implementation of an ICS now compulsory, or do you simply want to increase the efficiency and strength of your financial reports (while fully adhering to internal and regulatory policies)?

We design and implement Internal Control Systems and risk matrix that are fully compliant with Swiss law, ensuring seamless business operations and reliable financial reporting.

Audit Liaising Partner

We serve as your liaising partner for internal and external audits

Are you short on time for audit follow-ups? Or, perhaps you lack an experienced team in this area? Would you like expert assistance in those challenging situations?

We provide our experience in all types of audits, ensuring you are perfectly prepared and that the audit reports are published on time, free from any unexpected remarks or reserves.

Taxes & Human Resources

Tax Returns

We prepare or verify your Swiss tax and VAT returns

We prepare your annual tax and quarterly VAT returns while supporting you through all administrative procedures.

Transfer Pricing & Rulings

We provide transfer pricing analysis and tax ruling preparation support 

We help you understand transactions from a transfer pricing perspective, assisting in the implementation of solutions that can mitigate associated tax risks.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

We offer bespoke professional workforce accounting training and knowledge transfer

Do you want your teams to stay one step ahead with continuing training, absorb the growth of your business, and integrate changes in accounting standards and legislation?

We offer a scalable training program and ongoing knowledge transfer, ensuring your teams stay efficient and prepared to meet all your business and legislation changes.

Payroll & Contracts

We offer payroll management using your or our compensation management platform

We prepare employee contracts and organizational chart

We provide compensation scheme solutions

We can support you in your payroll administration with flexible and customized solutions that not only save you time, but are also as unique as your needs.